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Gentleman, the new Givenchy man

Gentleman, the new Givenchy man
Gentleman, the new Givenchy man

Currently, we tend to associate Givenchy with its new fragrance Gentleman Only , released in 2013. However, we must not forget that this essence does not have its origin in such a recent past. Indeed, the history of Gentleman began much earlier, more exactly in 1975. This perfume is one of the first male essences from the house of Givenchy. It marks a real turning point in the world of men’s perfumes.

Gentleman, a new lease of life in men’s perfumery

Before the appearance of Gentleman in 1975, Givenchy had already created two first essences for men. These were the very famous Eau de Vétyver and Monsieur de Givenchy. However, Hubert de Givenchy had a premonition. He was convinced that men, too long timorous, were on the way to becoming more assertive while being true lovers of perfume. However, we must admit that he was right. Men are now disrupting the order of things and revealing their seductive side in a slight provocation. After all, women won’t tell you the opposite, the most attractive men are usually the least conformist. Their masculinity is as pungent as it is elegant, and that’s probably where the secret of their attraction lies. Also, Gentleman is the scent of this transformation. He is the olfactory embodiment of this masculine renewal. Its scent is instantly recognizable, as powerful as it is easily identifiable. We are a long way from colognes with a fresh scent on a lavender base. When creating Gentleman, Givenchy was particularly avant-garde. Also, it is undoubtedly what makes this fragrance resolutely timeless. Indeed, Gentleman is, even today, recognized as a daring and contemporary fragrance.

Givenchy imagines a virile fragrance

Gentleman is a very daring fragrance that surprises from its first scent. Indeed, its smell is particularly powerful and its scent is just as tenacious. Its top notes combine tarragon, bergamot and cinnamon. His heart, on the other hand, is more tender. It combines the femininity of the rose with the luminosity of the ylang ylang. The carnation, on the other hand, brings out a more peppery aspect. Finally, sandalwood and vetiver reinforce its virility as well as its exotic side. Gentleman structures his architecture by adding a touch of patchouli. Its rigor is impeccable and its depth is exemplary. The background, meanwhile, is very daring. It is embellished with Russian leather. His animal side then makes Gentleman a sensual and particularly rich fragrance.
On the other hand, the bottle of Gentleman, remains quite classic and sober. However, it remains nonetheless refined and fits perfectly with the image of Givenchy. Its square shape shows the rigor of the brand. In addition, its metallic and shiny hood is very elegant. In short, it is simple, chic and naturally masculine.


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