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Gentlemen Only the scent of modern dandy from Givenchy

Gentlemen Only the modern dandy of Givenchy
Gentlemen Only the modern dandy of Givenchy

40 years. It took 40 years for men, followers of the now classic Gentlemen de Givenchy perfumery of the 70s, to finally discover “his son” perfumed, Gentlemen Only. The handsome dandy is always distinguished by its fine woody features and an intoxicating freshness, but this time the citrus will play the game of spices to better dress themselves in some heat. Do not doubt the powers of this Gentlemen Only ready to do anything to seduce!

Gentlemen Only or the elegance and charisma of a distinguished man

Givenchy has always taken pleasure in portraying elegant, charming and lively men in masculine perfumes, the same men that the fashion house dresses in chic fabrics and sophisticated suits. Gentleman had known how to write to the men of the 70s an incomparable perfumed design thanks to his powerful aromatic scents mixed with original floral notes and an ultra sensual patchouli. Gentlemen Only will write this story with its touch of modernity and the Orient, in order to add to this fragrant charmer an additional touch of sensuality.

So the handsome Gentlemen Only describes a charming and charming man, but also cocacious and tender at least as much as he is intelligent and assertive. Who better then than the well respected Simon Baker could embody these rare masculine values? The hero of the series The Mentalist would seem to correspond in every way to this modern dandy designed by Jean Jacques and Francis Kurkdjian for Gentlemen Only.

“Simon Baker embodies to perfection, in the city as on the screen, the modern, spontaneous gentleman, a bit iconoclastic and endowed with an innate sense of elegance… The masculine ideal of the 21st century. »Givenchy for Gentlemen Only.

Thus the attractive gentleman will be the embodiment of the Gentlemen Only man on the visuals and films of the perfume. Opus after opus, Simon Baker will use both his charms and his humor to seduce us with funny and original scenes, like this unexpected loan of an umbrella filmed for the very first bottle of Gentlemen Only.

Such a judicious choice of image that one does not know moreover if it is the muse, Simon Baker, who inspired the creators of Gentlemen Only or the reverse!

A neo-aromatic woody note responding to the well-crafted name of Gentlemen Only

As we have noticed, Gentlemen Only is the spiritual son of Gentleman born in 1974 . Thus the bottle of this new dandy perfume strangely resembles its elder, in particular as regards the whiskey flask shape of the glass, a mischievous nod to the English dandies of the 19th century. However Gentlemen Only will offer us a pure blue juice, as if to better marvel us at its beauty.

Gentlemen Only opens with fresh and dazzling notes of bergamot and tangerine punctuated with spicy pink berries and sweet musk. A few birch leaves bring their vegetal note. Intensely woody, the heart becomes velvety thanks to notes of Atlas cedar, patchouli heart and vetiver. Finally, the “skin” accords of the depths built around incense and white musks offer a soft and velvety trail.

“A lifestyle in its own right, the art of the gentleman is above all a question of attitude. »Givenchy for Gentlemen Only.


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