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The best price for Gentlemen Only Absolute

The best price for Gentlemen Only Abslute
The best price for Gentlemen Only Abslute

Gentlemen Only Absolute by Givenchy, a sophisticated yet affordable fragrance

Once again, Givenchy is enriching its range of gentlemen with a new fragrance. Gentlemen Only Absolute is currently making its appearance and is described as the fragrance of a sophisticated and sensual man. As always, this one is embodied by the iconic Simon Baker and the whole thing promises to make you an extraordinary seducer. However, rest assured, this revealing charm is not necessarily synonymous with exorbitant price …

The many advantages of the new Givenchy

Before talking about its price itself, know that the new Gentlemen Only Absolute is a juice ideally designed to reveal your most seductive side. In this sense, it fits perfectly in the lineage of its predecessors. Indeed, the history of the gentlemen of Givenchy began in 1975. Since that day, the refinement of these juices has never wavered. However, on the occasion of this new version, Givenchyhas shown a still unusual prestige. Indeed, Gentlemen Only Absolute is endowed with one of the most expensive ingredients in the world, otherwise known as “red gold”. You will have recognized it, it is saffron. This one unveils here its scent at the same time spicy, leathery and character. It is associated with the suave sensuality of vanilla as well as the invigorating freshness of bergamot. But then, when we know that saffron can reach the pharaonic sum of € 45,000 per kilo, you are probably wondering how much is sold for this luxury product …

The amazing price of Gentlemen Only Absolute

Well, as surprising as it may seem, know that Gentlemen Only Absolute is sold at a very affordable price on our site. It comes in two different sizes. The 50 milliliters are available for € 55.50 while the 100 milliliters are available for only € 78, a real bargain! Thus, Gentlemen Only Absolute appears just barely more expensive than its predecessors, enough to have fun and test this novelty without breaking the bank.


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